Decorative Queen Size Satin Pillowcase

This queen-size pillowcase is a great addition to your satin bedding. It is prepared with the highest  quality satin with vibrant colors, and the prints are washed to keep their softness.

Our queen-size satin pillowcase is one of our most popular products, made from 100% polyester satin, and has a smooth satin finish that is both luxurious and comfortable to touch. Therefore, our polyester pillowcases are no different from those made with conventional cotton because the main quality of our pillows is satin softness.

This makes them the perfect companion for side sleepers who have trouble falling asleep or waking up too early in the morning. With gentle care, they can be washed in cold water and air dried; however, we do recommend machine drying to prolong their lifespan.


  • It has a Queen  20*30 inch(51*76cm) number 
  • Adorn with customizable properties 
  • It can be used in homes, hospitals, hotels, etc. 
  • WovenStyle makes it perfect for romantic nights
  • Its eco-friendly features make it more attractive to nature lovers.