AEGISMAX Outdoor Camping Goose Down Sleeping Bag

AEGISMAX’s MINI series offers excellent quality sleeping bags. These are highly technical, ultralight, and are designed to keep you as warm as possible. With a 95% goose down filling, these sleeping bags maximize warm and minimize packaging size and weight. It is designed to fit the body perfectly and is made using IFLEX 5100 20D Nylon fabric.

Double liner and mummy shape offers improved thermal efficiency and retains warmth. Weighing less than a water bottle, this hatless mummy style sleeping bag is suitable for people under 175cm.The sleeping bag contains a storage bag and a compression bag, making it ideal for fast hikes.

  • It comes with a trapezoidal foot box which keeps feet comfy and warm
  • Strip closure combined with barrier-free zipper system
  • The sleeping bag has neck closure and double elastic drawstring adjustment
  • This bag can be used in spring, summer and autumn as well as indoors.