Naturehike ULG Winter Goose Down Mummy Sleeping Bag

Naturehike ULG winter sleeping bag offers lofty warmth without the weight. It is specifically designed for adventurers to use in high-altitude climates. With 90% goose-down filling, these series will keep you from freezing when you're sleeping in sub-zero temperatures.

This sleeping bag uses a selection of high-quality fluff white goose down with an 800-fill rating. The contoured mummy sleeping bag is designed to closely fit your body, and still leaves enough space around the chest and shoulder area to keep you from suffocating. The fabric and lining of the sleeping bag are made with water-repellent 20d nylon. Different models can work great for temperatures -4℃ / -10℃ / -15℃

  • The sleeping bag is accessible in blue and grey color
  • Comes with a full hood to keep your head and ears warm
  • This bag has a two-way zipper, making it easy to open and close. You can also use these zippers to allow for ventilation if things warm up too much
  • The package contains a dry bag compression sack for weatherproof storage and carrying