Portable Thermal Hammock Under-quilt Hammock

Weighing 680 grams, this thermal under-quilt is a must-have accessory for your outdoor adventures. This under-quilt is extremely lightweight, making it easier to carry with you. Moreover, it comes with a storage sack so the carrying and storing this hammock can be easy.

The hammock sleeping bag is great for all seasons particularly for winter backpacking, camping or hiking travel. This snugly hammock will keep you warm and can also be used as a blanket. This model has a loose design which can be easily adapted to any position. Whether you want to curl up or lie down, it can be adjusted. Outdoor rest is no longer cumbersome.

  • This Subito Portable Hammock is filled with TC cotton
  • Suitable for all kinds of hammocks because they have two ends length could be adjusted to make the best fit.
  • Perfect set for outdoor camping, hiking, mountaineering and etc.
  • Accessible in Sky blue, orange, Army green and red