20PCS/10 Pairs Comfort Earplug Noise Reduction| Soft Foam Ear Plugs


  • Foam earplugs with are capable of blocking out loud noises for hearing protection, eliminating distractions when sleeping, and promoting concentration during study sessions. a peaceful environment everywhere you go. 
  • The light, dense, and tapered foam earplugs guarantee all-day comfort and protection in a variety of working conditions because they are produced from non-toxic foam material. 
  •  These foam earplugs may be used to preserve your hearing for a very long period and can be used to replace the old one or as a backup. 
  •  Multiple Uses: Applications that are advised include working with wood, vacuuming, mowing, drilling, shooting, flying, concerts, motorcycle events, sporting occasions, fireworks display, and all noisy situations.


  • Quantity: 10pairs(20Pcs)
  • Model Number: AE030
  • Certification: CE
  • Fit For: Sleeping and Swimming