Earplugs for Noise Cancelling| Silicone Soundproof Earplug


  • Noise reduction: The ear silicone will improve the sound quality of your headphones and maximize noise reduction.

  • High-quality goods It is a good idea to take measures to reduce external noise and sound insulation losses. The earplugs make excellent presents for your loved ones and will aid in sleep because they won't fall out.

  •  The ear plug is conveniently wearable in your pocket because of its compact size for transporting and storing.

  • Protection: The most delicate shapes on your face, back, and side offer optimal protection everywhere you go, and this ear cushion provides an ambidextrous balance between ears. There is no need to replace the ear cushions because they will offer the optimum ear protection.



  • Work Mode: Auto
  •   Size: 17MM*14MM
  •  Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2O
  •  Colors: White Black Red Yellow
  • Suitable: Women Men