Specialized Soundproofing Earplugs| Suitable Silicone Filter Earplugs

  • The   earplugs   have   specialized   sound   filters   to   assist   reduce   background   noise   from   the   environment,   but   they   won't   totally   block   your   ears,   so   you   can   still   hear   your   alarm   and   other   critical   sounds.
  • The silicone earplugs can be used after being washed and dried and have good water resistance. It is practical and hygienic. The service life may last two to three years.
  • Comfortable   and   soft:  The   hypoallergenic   silicone   is   incredibly   plush   and   cozy. 
  • Each   pair   of   earplugs   weighs   just   1.6   grams,   which   significantly   lessens   pressure on   the   ear   canal   and   makes   them   comfortable   to   wear   for   extended   periods   of   time.
  • Portable box of storage: For ease of transportation, each pair of earplugs has its own storage box. The storage box has vents on both sides. After washing, the earplugs can be put in right away to keep them dry and vented.