10 Pairs Comfortable Foam Earplugs


  •  Magenta colors that are extremely visible from a distance help assure employee compliance and hearing safety. They also help avoid loss or misplacement.

  • OUTSTANDING QUIET REDUCTION: For the best hearing protection in noisy work environments and construction sites, self-adjusting foam earplugs expand in the ear upon insertion to produce a tight seal.

  • BEST FOR BOTH LARGER AND SMALLER EARS: Small earplugs provide the best fit and ear protection for ears with smaller canals, yet low pressure foam stretches to fit almost any ear size.

  • RELAXATION & HYGIENE:  The closed-cell foam skin that is smooth and soil-resistant helps keep dirt from accumulating and keep you healthy.


  • Model Number: AAA
  • Item Type: Sleeping 
  • Fit For: Various occasions