3F UL GEAR TYVEK Sleeping Bag Cover

Whether you are on a hiking, camping, or mountaineering trip, it is frustrating to have a wet sleeping bag. Moisture can take away the warmth from your sleeping bag, which is why a TYVEK sleeping bag cover can be a wise investment.

This cover is made using premium materials that are highly waterproof and breathable. In addition, TYVEK is extremely lightweight, making it easy to shift. The sleeping bag cover is designed to give you full closure especially around the foot area. This cover’s upper part has an open design which does not make you feel restraint.

  • This mummy styled sleeping bag cover has a size of 230cm * 90cm
  • It is ideal for spring and autumn
  • You must not use alone but only to cover the sleeping bag
  • It is waterproof while also has a certain heating effect.