Anti-Noise Earplug Sound Insulation


  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND Comfy: Reusable earplugs that are lightweight and comfortable can be inserted into your ears to block out pain all day. After being washed and dried, little earplugs can be used; they are practical and long-lasting, with a service life of up to two to three years.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Sleeping earplugs are constructed of TPE material, which is more comfortable than foam earplugs, long-lasting, soft, breathable, and good at blocking out sounds. The noise-canceling earplugs have an umbrella-like structure that fits your ears and keeps you cozy all night.

  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Sleeping earplugs can keep your hearing safe from damage in noisy settings. It can easily block all types of noises, and you can use it in settings when silence is required, such as while sleeping, traveling, working, learning, and in offices to assure sleep and enhance productivity. Using earplugs for a long period won't make them irritate or make you feel uncomfortable.


Fit For: Swimming