Bath Pillow | Non-slip Bathtub Headrest | Soft Waterproof Bath Pillows | Strong Grip Suction Cups Soaking Large

  • Non-slip bath pillows that are ideal to rest your neck on the tub and also support your back have an ergonomic and cervical spine reclining comfort in their design.

  • Allowing you to relax the pressure on your head, neck, shoulders, and back while bathing. Using a bathtub pillow can not only relax your tired body after being busy but also enhance your happiness in life.

  • This soft waterproof bath pillow will accommodate any size tub or spa and will adhere firmly.

  • It is non-irritant and quickly dries. The fabric allows constant airflow throughout the pillow that keeps it comfortable, cool and heavenly

  • With this bathtub pillow, you would enjoy your bathing time to the fullest! Even fall asleep