Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask, Wireless Headphones, Sleep Headphones, Sports Music Headband, Wireless Music Earphone Eye Mask for Side Sleepers

  • With the latest and unique technology, these Bluetooth sleep headphones allow you to enjoy your music without wearing additional headphones. Also helps you sleep better from being disturbed by outside noise. 
  • Sleep headphone is made from elastic material and provides a soft and comfortable feeling. You can take out the Bluetooth module and full wash the eye mask. 
  • The battery chip is improved which is the best chip for sleep headphones. It provides playtime for up to 10 hours. So you will enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. 
  • This sleep headphone mask can be used as a headband while jogging or doing exercise that not only fixes your hair, and absorbs the sweat but also provides you with good quality music. It has a breathable design and super soft material.
  • Convenient for home, yoga, travel, or any other place you need to close your eyes and have some rest while enjoying music. It helps with meditation, relaxation, and more.