Bruxism Protector Mouthguard

Bruxism is a disorder that causes teeth, jaws and sleep to be affected. It is known as grinding, clenching or jaw clenching.

The cause of bruxism is unknown but it may be caused by stress, anxiety, depression and even genetics.

The symptoms of bruxism include:

* A grinding sound when you chew

* Pain in the cheeks or jaw

* Pain while sleeping

* Swollen cheeks or lips due to grinding teeth

* Difficulty opening your mouth or biting down on food properly

There are several treatment options available for bruxism including:

 This Mouthguard  will protect your teeth from damage caused by clenching and grinding during sleep. It works by preventing movement of the lower jaw via a rigid splint which has been custom-fitted for your mouth and teeth. The splint can be worn overnight with or without an overnight guard.

It will help to reduce symptoms of bruxism such as pain and soreness around the cheek muscles during waking hours, as well as reducing pressure on surrounding teeth and dental work from clenching over time.

  • Model Number: Dental Mouth Guard
  • Material: Silicone