Comfort Soft Foam Earplugs| Anti-Noise Earplugs


  • In noisy locations and occupations including industrial, woodworking, construction work, and shooting, ear plugs for noise reduction are frequently worn to protect hearing from outside noise.
  • Quality Comfort: These noise-cancelling earplugs stay in place even if you toss and turn as you sleep. No more finding your earplugs on the floor or buried under the covers when you wake up! The foam used in earplugs for noise cancellation is latex-free and gently fills your ear canal without putting any strain or discomfort on it.
  • FOR MORE THAN JUST SLEEP! When you travel, work, compete, study, shoot, and more, wear these to block out noise! They maintain order no matter where you need them.


  • Model Number: Ear Plugs
  • Brand Name: CHENJ
  • Fit For: Work, Travel and various occasions.