Decorative candy colored throw pillow covers

Available in a variety of decorative styles and solid colors, these throw pillow covers will refresh the look of your space. This pillow cover is sewn professionally and has over-locked finished edges that prevents it from fraying.

From emphasizing your sofa to adding a touch of color on your bed, these throw pillows are versatile and will fill up any empty space. It offers an unbeatable combination of exotic style and comfort. The breathable material of these throw pillows ensure that they are soft to touch and easily washable.

This pillow case comes with hidden zipper which stays out of sight, yet provides easy access for inserts and cleaning. These thick pillow covers protect from dusts and potential spoils. 

  • Solid color throw pillows will upgrade your home and office decor uniquely and luxuriously to add comfort and elegance to your living spaces.
  • Accessible in a wide range of colors to match any décor. Colors include black, red, blue, yellow, light green and light grey, etc.
  • These cushion covers are perfect for sofa, couch, chair, and even bed.