Emergency Lightweight Thermal Sleeping Bag

Emergency Thermal sleeping bag is made with premium quality 15D nylon material that is sturdy enough to last for years. This mummy styled thermal sleeping bag has a heat reflective thermal coating which will keep you warm.  No other emergency blanket comes close to this ultra-compact, durable storage, which gives it the perfect balance of durability & light weight.

It comes with adjustable draw cords in the hood, allowing you to give it a body fitting shape. Moreover, it is equipped with adhesive fastener tapes, giving you better coverage. The sleeping bag is made with waterproof material, keeping you safe from rain. 

  • It is the perfect emergency sleeping bag for spring and autumn
  • The sleeping bag will keep you comfortable in temperatures ranging from 15℃~5℃
  • It can be used as a picnic mat, moisture-proof mat, and can be used as a pad under the body when repairing a car, etc.
  • The eye-catching color makes it easier for rescuers to discover.