Fatigue Removal U-Shape Folding Pillow

Traveling can be a drag. You need to pack your suitcase for a long trip, or you're just on the road working, and you get tired. If only there were an item that could make that all better. Introducing A fantastic innovation in cushioning, the u-shape travel pillow is an automatic air inflatable. 

It's great for use in airplanes, cars, buses, and trains. The ring pillow is also a great neck cushion and folding press type bed pillow t anywhere.

  • Airplane pillow: The head pillow has a unique u-shape design, which can accommodate the neck of any person without bothering any passenger. 
  • Automatically inflatable neck pillow: When you need it, just press a button, and the air-inflatable compressible neck pillow will quickly inflate and put on your neck. 
  • It can be used in traveling, massaging, and offices.