Friendly Silicone Earplug| Plasticity Silicone Earplug


  •  The amount of the earplug adequate to suit your demands, and you can use them to replace worn-out ones or as a backup.
  • silicone that is gentle on the ear: The moldable earplugs are lightweight and pleasant to wear even all day long because they are made of soft silicone. They are also reusable; you simply need to clean them frequently and let them air dry naturally before using them again.
  • The noise canceling ear plugs are designed to fit ear canals without applying any pressure, making them acceptable for both adults and children. They are snug enough to stay in place even when side sleeping.


  • Item Type: Earplug
  • Package: Transparent Plastic Box
  • Color: White, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink
  • Fit For: Swimming/Sleeping/Learning
  • Shape: PlasticityQuantity: 12pcs