Hikeman Compression Sack for Sleeping Bag

HIKEMAN sleeping bag compression sack is an essential accessory for your outdoor adventures because it helps in compressing the volume of your camping equipment. It lets you save valuable space and arrange your gear, making it convenient. The sack is made using high quality 210T polyester mesh cloth that effectively prevents moisture from entering the bag.

This premium material ensures durability and will withstand years of usage. It is designed for sleeping bag storage, however it also have enough space to store your phone, towel, clothes, pillow, fishing hat, gloves etc. You can freely adjust the height of compression bag and make it as small as you want.

  • The compression sack is accessible in S:6 liters, M:15 liters, L: 25 liters, XL: 35 liters.
  • This ultralight stuff sacks is great for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, motor homes, cabins, and more
  • It will make your journey more convenient and comfortable
  • The sack is lightweight, easy to carry, and waterproof.