Inflatable Travel-Supportive Cushion

Upgrade your car or travel with a travel pillow for a comfortable rest on the go. The lightweight, portable air cushions make it easy to transport our travel pillow where you need it most.

Support your head, neck, and back when you sleep in airplane seats or while waiting at an airport terminal. They’re perfect for resting on long-haul flights or waiting hours in line at the doctor’s office. You can even use it when you're in your office. Create instant comfort with this handy tool that fits conveniently in your backpack.


  • Machine Washable with reasonable Price.
  • Very lightweight - 0-0.5 kg 
  • Ultra Soft and Comfortable
  • Made Of Durable polyester Material-Our Pillows Remain Shapely Through Years of Use
  • When Used With Airbags, It Is Harmless For Your Health.