Jungle King thickening cotton sleeping bags 1850g

Jungle King is known to manufacture rugged sleeping bags for extreme weather and terrain conditions. This sleeping bag is shaped like a mummy, which is excellent for cold temperatures. The design allows your body heat to be retained inside the sleeping bag, keeping you comfortably warm.

It is filled with 500g/m² chemical fiber hollow cotton and weighs 1850g. The tough woven cotton protects the bag and makes it durable. This model utilizes 190T polyester pongee material, which makes it waterproof. It is a desirable feature if you plan to hike or camp in rainy weather. The cotton sleeping bag will keep you comfortable in 5℃ ~ 0℃ temperature.

  • The sleeping bag is available in grey, blue, and red color
  • It has a standard size of 220 * 80 * 50 cm
  • Ideal for spring and autumn
  • Comes with a compressible sack which allows you to carry the bag in a compact style