Luxurious Inflatable Rest Pillow

It's time to back and relax with our innovative adjustable backrest pillow. Enjoy a comfortable nap or ten minutes of work time on the go. This inflatable backrest cushion is suitable for all people, both adults and children; it can support your body when you are working or reading and even playing or watching TV. If you are using it as a travel pillow while traveling, it will be easier to rest on the train or bus.

Therefore, the Comfort Backrest Support Pillow is a perfect gift idea for those who often travel by airplane, car, or train. It helps to reduce back pain and fatigue caused by sitting all day long. Its inflatable design allows you to adjust the firmness of the pillow and make it suitable for any part of your body.


  • Material: PVC air pillow with high-quality elastic material- With a foldable design, sleeping style can be adjusted-
  • For rear support - For ergonomics- 
  • Height adjustment up to 1.5m- 
  • Capacity: 130cm x 90cm x 1mm thick (from head to toe).