Luxurious Soft Satin Pillowcases

Enjoy your bedtime like never before with this soft and silky pillowcase. Featuring an incredibly soft touch, an attractive radiant shine, and a range of exquisite color choices, these satin pillowcase sets exude a luxurious feel.

The rectangular pillowcases are made using pure satin silk, which has great benefits for hair and skin. This material maintains the delicate moisture balance that prevents wrinkles and aging. These satin pillowcases decrease hair tangling or breaking with their extra smooth finish.

The comfortable pillowcase has an envelope closure that avoids scratching or tearing from metal zippers. As a result, the silk lasts longer. The pillowcase has a classic open-end design that offers added comfort. These pure satin silk pillowcases will give your bed an elegant appearance. The high-quality breathable material used for the pillowcase makes it an excellent gift for people who enjoy restorative sleep.

  • These satin silk pillowcases are machine washable. You can easily machine wash them in cold water. Make sure that you do not bleach.
  • Purchase in a 1 or 2 pcs set to mix and match with your bedsheet.
  • It comes in a standard pillow size, ensuring to give all pillows a decorative look.