Mouth Guard Teet| Silicone Mouth Guard for Good Sleeping


  • Put the grinding guard in your mouth to utilize it. the tab with your front teeth. Bite the back tabs with your molars.

  • Multiple uses: The Silicone mouthguard can be worn on both the upper and lower jaw. Just turn the guard in the appropriate way.

  • Each time you use it, clean your mouth with water, put the gadget in, and then gently close it. For either the upper or lower jaw, adjust the guard.

  • Clean the guard once a week with a denture cleaning that is disinfectant.

  • prevents clenching and bruxism. muscles in the jaw are relaxed, teeth grinding and clenching are avoided, and issues that could lead to dental injuries are resolved.



  • Weight(kg): 0.003g
  • Model Number: NH34799
  • Material: Silica gel
  • Length: 10cm
  • Diameter: 1cm