Naturehike Winter Waterproof Sleeping Bag

This exciting winter sleeping bag by Naturehike is made with nylon fabric and a cotton filling. The material utilized in the sleeping bag’s construction is soft and breathable, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience irrespective of how rough the ground is. To upgrade warmth, the sleeping bag combines feather-like cotton with the waterproof properties of hollow cotton. It is designed to keep you warm all night.

Made for the winter season, this sleeping bag can be used in two forms: the fully unfoldable sleeping bag can be used as a sleeping pad or a quilt. Each sleeping bag is equipped with a compression bag with straps that allows you to pack it compactly in a few seconds.

  • The lining is skin-friendly and soft, and the fabric is breathable and warm.
  • This can be a spliced double sleeping bag
  • The sleeping bag is accessible in Orange, Blue, and Green
  • It is the perfect addition to your winter outdoor activities kit