Outdoor Camping Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag

An emergency sleeping bag is an essential packing item when you need an additional layer of insulation. This emergency bag is made with high-quality material that is less noisy, tear-resistant, and will protect you from wind and rain. Moreover, this material is soft and breathable. It allows for 90% heat preservation and is 100% waterproof.

With 26UM Micron thickness, the blanket preserves the heat emitted through the body. The enlarged size can easily accommodate two people. The mummy style design will keep your head warm. This emergency pack is compact, warm, suitable for cold nights, winter storms, and other harsh conditions.

  • It is perfect for spring, autumn, and winter
  • Ideal to be used as an outer layer for your sleeping bag while camping and other outdoor adventures
  • This ultra-lightweight emergency sleeping bag is easy to carry
  • It is only accessible in orange color