Portable Electric Comfortable Health Care Sleep Apnea Aid

If you or your child is suffering from snoring or has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may have tried other solutions to no avail. You may have even tried sleeping pills and other medications, but nothing seems to work. Well, we've got some great news.
The device can be used as both a treatment option for sleep apnea and as a home remedy for mild to moderate cases of snoring.  ideal tool for stopping snoring and other forms of sleep apnea, thanks to its unique design.
The Portable Electric Comfortable Health Care Sleep Apnea Aid has an ergonomic shape designed to be worn as a ring around your neck, which creates a direct connection between your jaw and forehead. This helps to open up an airway, allowing for easier breathing and less snoring.

  • Feature: Smart Anti-snoring Device/ Portable Electric Comfortable/EMS Pulse Stop Snore/Sound Wave Induction Stop Snore/Sleep Apnea Aid/Health Care Device/
  • Certification: CE