Professional Sleeping Ear Plugs| Silicone Earplugs


  • Soft, lightweight silicone earplugs that follow the contours of the human ear have been ergonomically created. They are painless to wear for extended periods of time and can cover the ears without extending too far into the ear canal. They must be stable and comfortable in order to prevent falling off while riding a motorcycle or dancing to a song at a concert, among other activities.

  • Reusable, easy to wear, and doesn't require assembly. You may select the appropriate size for your ear canal based on your needs because these reusable ear plugs come in large and small sizes.
  • These noise cancelling earplugs may shield your hearing from noise in a variety of settings so you can use it many times. They are ideal for studying, recording, flying, and noisy events.


    • Fit For: Earplug travel home hotel school dormitory car cold bar factory bed
    • Model Number: SLP3930
    • Item Type: Sleep & Snoring
    • Material: Silicone