Reusable Earplug| Comfortable Mixed Silicone and sponge Earplugs


  • Professional noise-cancelling earplugs allow you to sleep peacefully, pleasantly, and soundly, which enhances your quality of life.

  • Soft material: silicone and sponge fit for minimal clothing.

  • Small and gentle, no swollen ears, low density, less gaps, noise reduction, memory sponge material of choice.

  • The construction of the human cochlea is made to match the auricle and prevent sliding off.

  • The silica gel comes with Box package, those earplug cover fills the ear canal to decrease low frequency noise and prevent the earplug from falling out. The PP material insulation outer cover blocks the majority of noise.


  • Work Mode: Auto

  • Suitable: unisex

  • Structure: Nano silica gel + slow rebound sponge + shark fin tail

  • Handl Size: About 17*14MM

  • Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2O

  • Colors: Black gray, red yellow