Side Sleeper U-Shape Pillow

This U-Shaped inflatable neck pillow is perfect for restless sleepers and side sleepers. It will support your head, neck, and spine to relieve pain caused by poor posture. The blanket design makes your body more comfortable so that you can sleep comfortably.

So, this U-Shaped Side Sleeper Pillow is designed to help you relieve neck or back pain. It has a comfortable surface with a soft filling, so you can easily sleep on it. The pillow’s removable zipper allows easy washing and drying. Protect your back and relax; our pillow will bring you a good sleep during your trip or work. 


  • Soft maternity support pillow with smart design, convenient and comfortable to use. 
  • Ideal for back sleeping or stomach sleeping. 
  • Good physical support and elasticity provide a good comfort feeling, helps relieve the stress and fatigue of immobilization, and release pressure on the back, legs, and neck.
  • It can be used as a leg pillow or neck roll pillow to support your spine and relax your body after sitting for a long time.