Sleeping Earplugs| Earplugs for Noise Cancelling


  • THE PEACE, QUIET, AND SLEEP YOU DESERVE ARE PROVIDED BY NOISE CANCELLING EAR PLUGS! Ideal For Loud Activities Like Snoring, Shooting, Work, Construction, Concerts, And Sleep

  • Great for working, studying, shooting, traveling, or any scenario where you need silence

  • Ear plugs that are somewhat smaller than the typical size is more suited for ladies, kids, and teenagers since they fit smaller ear canals.

  • Slim Fit Design: With incredibly unique visual qualities, earplugs will snugly fit the ear canal without putting pressure on the ear. It resembles a tiny bell exactly. EASY TO USE - Simple to insert and roll. Quick foam compression makes ear plug insertion simple.


  • Model Number: TSR838
  • Type Item: Sleeping 
  • Recommended For: Women and Children