Soft Foam for Sleeping Earplug| Anti-Noise Earplugs



  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: High-density foam is used to create our sleep earplugs. The substance is non-toxic and gentle on the skin. Additionally, because these earbuds are lightweight and incredibly soft, placing them in the ear canal is a breeze.

  • COMFORTABLE USE: These foam earplugs for noise cancellation will have you sleeping like a baby! The earplugs suit most ear canals without causing you even the least discomfort thanks to the ultra-soft foam substance. Additionally, because they won't fall out or put pressure on the ear, these earplugs are suitable for side sleepers.

  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: We provide a carrying bag for our earplug because we want you to enjoy silence and calm wherever you go. This thin, lightweight shell protects the earplugs from dirt and other dangerous elements.


  • Type Item:  Sleeping
  • Model Number: tapones para dormir
  • Fit For: Travel
  • coloryellow, blue pink