Super Comfortable, Light Blocking Colorful Eye Maks, Vibrant Designs, Sleeping Masks for Men Women & Teens

  • Looking for a vibrant sleep mask? These eye masks were specially designed with a refreshing look to make the wearer feel more enjoyable and improve the quality of sleep.
  • The distinctive pattern makes these eye masks not only colorful and fashionable but also demanding. The front of the mask has a colorful pattern with a vibrant design while the back of the eye mask is black, effectively blocking all the light.
  • No matter where you are these “sleep anywhere with ease” sleep eye masks are designed to reduce the exposure to light and improve the quality of sleep. These are perfect for a daytime nap or a blissful night's sleep. 
  • You will love the refreshing feel of this ultra-soft, light, and breathable material that feels like heaven to the skin.
  • With a combination of comfortable wear and lovely design, these masks are a good choice for birthday gifts and blindfolded games.