Tyvek sleeping bag cover liner

Are you tired of having a wet sleeping bag because of condensation when you hike? It can make you sleeping bags warm due to moisture and will prevent you from having a comfortable sleep. This is where the 3F UL gear Tyvek sleeping bag cover liner comes in handy.

Tyvek is a waterproof material, which ensures that you sleep well. It is breathable and extremely lightweight, making it easier to carry. The feet are fully enclosed to better protect the feet of the sleeping bag. Moreover, the cover liner’s upper part is an open design and only cover the bag. This waterproof cover liner is convenient to use and will aid heat preservation.

  • It is recommended to be used with a sleeping bag.
  • This sleeping bag cover liner protects the bag from getting dirty.
  • It has a standard size of 45*80cm /230*90cm
  • Suitable for all seasons especially winter