Ultralight Duck Sleeping Bag Mat For Hammock

A trendy product amongst minimalistic backpackers, this sleeping bag is multifunctional. It has a standard size and is ideal for 1.8m height and below. The hammock’s under quilt has a thoughtful design along with ample sleeping space. It is an ultralight sleeping bag, making it easy to carry while mountaineering, hiking, and camping. You can comfortably use this sleeping bag at 5℃ - 0℃ temperature.

This single splicing sleeping bag locks warmth inside to keep you comfortable. The incredibly designed sleeping bag has a duck filling that insulates equally. Owing to the duck filling, the fibers in the sleeping bag can be compressed and decompressed for hundreds of cycles before losing loft.

As a result, this mummy-shaped sleeping bag is highly durable. Stay warm, dry, and well-rested on your next adventure.

  • This ultralight sleeping bag mat is perfect for summer, winter, spring, and autumn.
  • Provides great value for money because of its durable construction
  • Compressible design ensures optimal space-saving
  • The sleeping bag has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.