Ultralight Thickened Waterproof Sleeping Bag

The Thickened sleeping bag is an objectively "well rounded" sleeping bag. Weighing approximately four pounds, this sleeping bag has an ideal weight to warmth ratio. It is a perfect sleeping bag for people who do not prefer a mummy bag. The quality of this sleeping bag can withstand the expansion, making duck down super comfortable and light. In addition, it offers strength.

 This sturdy sleeping bag comes with a high-quality Terylene that is durable, easy to pack, and great for campouts and sleepovers. With a cotton filling, you are bound to get the warmth you deserve. To get in and out easily, there is a zip on the right side.

  • Accessible in green, blue, red, and sky blue
  • It is an excellent choice for all four seasons
  • This thick sleeping bag can be compressed to ensure a compact and portable size.
  • Comfortable Temperature Scale for this sleeping bag ranges from 15℃-5℃