Unique Silicone Earplug| Nuisance Filter Earplug


  • FILTERS ANNOYING FLIGHT NOISE: Traveling is exhausting, and occasionally you need to unwind. Speech can still be heard when ambient noise is reduced thanks to the SILICONE EARPLUG! No matter if you're awake or sleepy, have fun on your trip!

  • Those silicone earplugs ARE COMFORTABLE DURING LONG FLIGHTS: They are composed of reusable, hypoallergenic material that can be customized to fit your ear canal. With the Minigrip, removal is light and simple. 

  •  Multiple Uses: Applications that are advised include working with wood, vacuuming, mowing, drilling, shooting, flying, concerts, motorcycle events, sporting occasions, fireworks display, and all noisy situations


  • style: earplugs noise reduction
  • Model Number: ear plugs noise cancelling