Warm heat sleep pad bags for outdoor travel

The sleep pad bag is an excellent addition to any outdoor traveler’s gear. These sleeping bags are designed to ensure that you can rest well and have a good night’s sleep after a tiring day of exploration. This ultra comfortable sleeping bag is made using high-quality nylon fabric that is skin-friendly and breathable.

This material is waterproof ensuring a comfortable and wet-free experience. It comes with a compression bag and straps, allowing you to fold it in a compact size and carrying it in your backpack. The sleeping bag is filled with cotton, which keeps an average sleeper warm in the winter or cold temperatures.

  • It comes in a wide range of colors including red, green, blue and navy blue
  • The net weight for this sleeping bag is 700g, making storage easy
  • This warm sleeping pad bag is effective for all seasons.
  • The sleeping bag is pretty easy to clean and are safe for machine wash too. It can be wiped easily by hand.