Winter Duck Down Sleeping Bag for Camping

This sleeping bag is the perfect winter camping accessory. Made with nylon fabric and 1000g duck down filling, the mummy style bag will keep you warm in the coldest of climates. The material used has excellent insulation capabilities. 20D nylon used is water repellent, ensuring long lasting durability. Duck down is light, fluffy, and cozy.

Moreover, this sleeping bag has a breathable and soft material for added comfort. The mummy style design ensures that the heat stays trapped inside, allowing the sleeping bag to keep you warm in temperatures as cold as -15 degrees. Designed with added insulation in the footbox, this sleeping bag will keep you comfortable after a long day of hiking.

  • Professionally designed for hiking, backpacking, and camping, this bag boasts a greater weight-to-warmth ratio
  • It is the ultimate sleeping bag for saving space and weight.
  • The bag comes with a large footbox, wide shoulders, drawstring, and snag-free Velcro.
  • Size: 210 x 90 cm